Region Module – Player Instance and Known List

In this video we finish up the region class, build our CPlayable class, and then dive right into our CPlayerInstance and PlayerKnownList classes. We finish up these classes and are ready to move on to the client to handle instantiation and removal as things come and go through our known lists.

Region Module – Known Lists and Region

In this video we knock out the Character and Playable Known List objects. We then turn our attention to the Region class and get us to the doorstep of the Player object and Known List.

In this video I show the fix i put in place in my prototype for the SubServerClientPeer. After that we implement the Object Known List and get ourselves set up for the Character Known Object list. Next time we’ll wrap up the Character Known List and quickly knock out the Playable and Player Known Lists.

Region Module – ServerPackets

In this video we fix up the last of the CObject and CCharacter changes I want to make and get the server packets setup and a few examples created.

Region Module – CObject and CCharacter

In this video we begin by making a small modification to the ClientData class changing it from an abstract class to an interface. This change requires changes in the Client Peer classes and the Server classes to update their name and to provide an additional requirement in the generic function. After that we flesh out 95% of the CObject and CCharacter class.

In this video we stumble through the creation of the Interfaces and Objects that form the basis for the code we need to get movement working. It seems like a lot of code for something as simple as movement, but the code is built in such a way to allow us to easily modify it later and to account for many different types of games from MMO to FPS.

Region Module – Proxy Forward and Handlers

In this video I cover getting our messages to our Region Server by creating the forward handler, modifying the ComplexConnectionCollection class, and creating the register and deregister handlers in the region server.

Region Module – Setting up our server

In this video I walk through making a copy of the Chat Server and resetting everything so that it behaves as our first region server.

Chat Module – Client chat display

In this episode I run through the little bit of code necessary to display our chat text to the client. I also cover a few things I’d like to change in the future to allow localization and customization of the GUI.

Chat Module – Server components

In this video we build the server side of the chat module. We are still only focused on “general” chat, but we build a few things to take into account multiple proxy servers. Once everything is up and running we pull up Unity3d to show that we are receiving the XML chat item.