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Looking for a Navigation Mesh Generator that you can export from Unity and use on a server? Look no further!


Recast for Unity is a port of the popular Recast Navigation by Mikko Mononen. Translated from C++ to C# makes this port usable for everyone, rather than only for those with Unity3d Pro. It aims to be quick and easy to use.


  • Unity3d Editors to quickly build new navigation meshes.
  • Quickly modify height, size, and ability to climb slopes.
  • Debugging utilities within Unity3d.
  • Import and Export XML, JSon and BSon.
  • Source code for Recast included.
  • Detour conversion included.
  • Crowd conversion also included.


Working with Recast for Unity is as simple as tagging all geometry used for generation and clicking a build button. Options are included to modify parameters for minimum region sizes, maximum edge lengths and number of polygons. Once you have a NavMesh generated you can easily export it to XML, JSon and Binary JSon. Import is just as easy by using the Nav Mesh Query to import an exported NavMesh. From there just add your actors to the scene and give them a target.


Future Development

  • Off-Mesh Connections – i.e. Ladders, drop off points
  • Tiled NavMesh – Break up geometry by tiles for easy tracking/rebuilding
  • Multiple Recast NavMeshes and the ability to choose which to update when building
  • Multiple Recast NavMesh Queries for different entity types.
  • Terrain Types with Bounding Volumes


RecastUnity can be purchased through the Asset Store. You can also purchase it directly using 2Checkout.