1. Begin with Recreating Example 1
  2. Select the RecastNavMesh game object and export the NavMesh to XML
  3. Create 2 empty Game Objects called StartPoint and EndPoint and move them above the NavMesh.
  4. Click GameObject -> Create Other -> Recast -> NavMesh Query
  5. Select the RecastNavMeshQuery game object and Click Import NavMesh XML
  6. Select the exported NavMesh XML
  7. Drag the StartPoint gameobject into the Starting Object of the RecastNavMeshQuery
  8. Drag the EndPoint game object into the Ending Object of the RecastNavMeshQuery
  9. Click Draw Path

At this point we no longer need the RecastNavMesh object as it is only needed to display the NavMesh and to export it for use at a later date.

The Recast NavMesh Query is used to take a NavMesh and generate paths between 2 points. It has the Draw Path function to help debug what might be going on when an actor attempts to move from one point to the next.